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Welcome to a Deeper Visitor Experience

Story-Telling through Self-guided Tours


I'm Dan. I started creating self-guided tours of my favorite Oregon towns at the beginning of the pandemic. I had been leading a walking & tasting tour of Baker City, in Eastern Oregon, for years, but as in-person events shut down and my backcountry guiding took off, I needed a way to continue offering the tour to travelers without being with them in person. The self-guided idea was born. 

We've all seen walking tours printed on paper brochures. I wanted something more. I wanted something immersive. I wanted something similar to an audio-guided museum tour but for a town, and with photos and GPS. Each tour takes 6+ months for me to complete. Just ask anyone at the historical society or local libraries- they'll remember me. These tours are thoroughly researched. No need to elaborate if you dig deep enough. The history speaks for itself. 

I have completed two tours to date, Astoria and Baker City. The goal with both is the same: to deepen visitor experience, support local businesses, support historical preservation, and tell the stories of those that came before us.

If you have ideas for my next tour, please write to me using the form below. 

If you're interested in my backcountry guiding in Eastern Oregon, please visit

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